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Disclaimer: The forecast is experimental and unofficial. Please refer to BMKG office center or BMKG regional/local office for official forecasts in making decisions.

This website was developed by BMKG in colloboration with TCC - JMA (TOKYO CLIMATE CENTER - JAPAN METEOROLOGICAL AGENCY)

Probabilistic forecasts map

If you move your mouse over the observation points on the map, the station's name and histogram which you chose are appeared.
Please click the point to see the chart of verification data.


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Kab. Bondowoso Cerme ( Cerme ), Dam Jeru ( Tapen ), Wringin ( Wringin ), Ancar ( Curahdami ), Selolembu ( Curahdami ), Klabang ( Tegalampel ), Wonosari ( Wonosari ), Blimbing ( Pakem ),

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